Tired Of Receiving Calls From Creditors?

Put an end to debt collection harassment in Pittsfield, MA

When you start falling behind on payments, debt collectors start harassing you. You might receive frequent phone calls or letters demanding money and making all kinds of threats. Fortunately, you don't have to deal with debt collection harassment.

Peter J. Sturgeon Attorney at Law is an experienced debt collector harassment attorney in Pittsfield, MA who can help you stop the calls and letters. We'll explain your legal rights so you know how to handle debt collectors. Then, we'll send official notices to stop the harassment.

Contact our debt collector harassment attorney today to get started.

Why you should hire an attorney

Why you should hire an attorney

Some debt collectors might threaten legal action if you don't send them payments. Don't let them intimidate you into doing something you don't have to. Turn to attorney Sturgeon because...

  • He can review your situation and explain your options
  • You'll have an experienced attorney on your side demanding the harassment stop
  • Our attorney can help you take the proper legal steps if collectors continue harassing you

There's no reason to accept debt collection harassment. Start living in peace when you contact attorney Sturgeon at 413-442-6031.