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Many people think of bankruptcy as the end. But bankruptcy was created to be a fresh start for people in difficult financial situations. If you're struggling to manage your debt, get help from Peter J. Sturgeon Attorney at Law.

Our bankruptcy law firm in Pittsfield, MA serves clients in the entire Berkshire County. We'll explain the benefits and consequences of different types of bankruptcy so you can make a smart decision for your future.

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At our bankruptcy law firm, we don't just take your signature and push you out the door. Our bankruptcy attorney will work with you personally every step of the way. Hire attorney Sturgeon because...

  • He's been dedicated to bankruptcy law for nearly 30 years and has the experience to take care of your case
  • He'll work with you personally instead of passing you off to a secretary or paralegal
  • You can take the time you need to create a plan for the future and understand the ins and outs of bankruptcy

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Are debt collectors calling your neighbors or workplace? You don't have to suffer threatening calls, emails, letters or texts. Our bankruptcy attorney can stop debt collectors on your behalf. We'll make sure you can live free from harassment so you can focus on your future.

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